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About Joe Bauer

Joe Bauer came out of St. Paul, Minnesota. He spent five years studying to be a Catholic priest and a few more long years at St. Thomas University. After college, Joe ran a small bar on the honor system, drove trucks, counseled delinquent boys, worked for Sweeney Detective Bureau, and was the best night janitor Mr. Donut ever had. Radio was the next logical choice!

He arrived in San Diego in 1975 to team up with Mac Hudson. Together, the team of Hudson & Bauer became San Diego's longest running and most successful morning radio team.

Joe BauerOver the years, Joe has helped raise millions of dollars for local charities.  May 9th, 2002, was declared "Joe Bauer Day in San Diego" by Mayor Dick Murphy.

He calls his mom regularly, goes to church, and lives in a nice little house with his wife Maryann and occasionally a few of their seven children.


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